Nubbies Genesis NFTs

Nubbies Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Nubbies is a collection of 999 fully-animated NFT characters on the Ethereum blockchain, founded by a team based out of Thailand and led by @jeditrinupab

The story behind Nubbies is about a baby girl named Nub Dao who was born with palatoschisis. She was helped with her surgery through Ning (Miss Universe 2018) and her husband, Jedi.

Nub was discovered by Ning at the Christian foundation called The House of Blessing, which is the foundation that Ning and Jedi want to support through their NFT project.

The goal of the project is to change the lives of less fortunate families on a global scale, as well as promoting talented artists from within Thailand.

The project's website also states that holders have the chance to win a paid vacation to Thailand, all sponsored by the Nubbies team.