OCM Dessert NFTs

OCM Dessert NFT Overview

Project Information

An OnChainMonkey (OCM) Dessert is 10,000 Dessert tokens that are tradable ERC-1155 tokens required to create a Karma. A Genesis OnChainMonkey is required to eat a Dessert to create a Karma. Of the 10,000 Dessert tokens, there are three types of Desserts of varying rarity: D1 (most common) ~55%, D2 (less common) ~45%, and D3 (very rare) 0.15%.

OnChainMonkey was created by Danny Yang and Bill Tai. The Making of OnChainMonkey by Danny Yang on medium details further background on how the project began. 

Dessert tokens were airdropped to OnChainMonkey holders based on a snapshot from Feb. 1, 2022. A Karma that is created by an OnChainMonkey eating a dessert is the next generation NFT collection that provides membership into the OCM community, governance of the DAO, and participation in community projects and the banana economy. At the end of March (Early Claim), the OCM website will enable Dessert eating. A Genesis OCM can eat at most one of each Dessert type. Once a Dessert is eaten, it is burned - meaning that Dessert NFT is no longer usable or tradable.