OKOKU Official NFTs

OKOKU Official NFT Overview

Project Information

OKOKU is a collection of 3,333 hand-drawn NFTs of four different characters living on the Ethereum blockchain.

OKOKU was founded by NFT degen @BowieNFTguy with artwork created by @Shreyaisgod. The number of OKOKU NFTs a holder has determines which role they receive in the OKOKU Discord.

Each role has different perks to reward holders. Holding three OKOKUs allows holders to be included in ETH giveaways and whitelist opportunities. Holders of six to eight OKOKU NFTs receive the same benefits, plus the opportunity to receive 2.5% of the revenue of the project through giveaways.

Lastly, holders of nine or more OKOKU NFTs are included in ETH giveaways, project whitelists, private ETH giveaways for 3.5% of the project revenue, and will receive special new OKOKU character NFTs not available for anyone else to claim.