A Koda Decoupling Is Coming

A Koda Decoupling Is Coming
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Koda Decoupling and the Vessel Claim event in the Otherside will offer new gaming experiences and activations for those who participate, according to a new blog post from Yuga Labs

Why It Matters

Many wondered how utility might play out with Otherdeed NFTs. Each plot has a vareity of metadata details that add layers of complexity and optionality to their future use, and those uses are now starting to play out. The Koda Decoupling and Vessel Claim event allows users to participate in unlocking future gameplay experiences and activations in Otherdeed Expanded, doing so by USING their Otherdeeds NFTs and the components they hold. Understanding the values associated with different artifacts and objects should become more clear as mini-games and lore unfolds. Additionally, the Koda decoupling may better provide a more efficient market for the trading of Yuga's second or third most important character/NFT. 

The Deets

  • All Voyagers can participate in the decoupling by claiming a Vessel, not just Koda holders.
  • Burn your Otherdeed NFTs in order to unlock Otherdeed Expanded
  • Koda Origins Obelisk piece metadata update added to Otherdeed

The Details

Otherdeed Expanded is the key to accessing these new gaming experiences, best experienced using dynamic NFTs that can change over time. The new smart contract provides access to Yuga's gaming experiences and activations outside of Otherside (the game) for those who burn their original Otherdeed NFT.

Holders should not try to interact directly with the contract; use the provided website.

🎬 Take Action

Koda Decoupling will take place on the Legends of the Mara site. 

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