Otherside Metaverse Launches StarMap Update

Otherside Metaverse Launches StarMap Update
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The Otherside Metaverse provided a StarMap update alongisde a handful of other gameplay details on Tuesday. 

The Deets

  • Shades’ power diminishes, leading to the emergence of The Shattered in Otherside
  • Voyagers must employ skillful strategies to protect wounded defenders
  • Game cards with slots and hitpoints (HP) are crucial in battles
  • Defeating The Shattered leads to rewards known as Unearthed Artifacts

The Bulk

The game's narrative significantly shifts as we move into Season 2 of Legends of the Mara. The struggle of the Shades to contain The Shattered crumbles, leading to their full manifestation in Otherside. This manifestation unchains their wrath, making the landscape of the game much more challenging for Koda, Kodamara, Mara, and The Friends.

Voyagers, therefore, have to rapidly mobilize and strategize to buffer the relentless assaults by The Shattered. To keep the Otherside's defenders safe, only a well-thought-out strategy can mitigate the damage taken in the battles. This strategy involves strategically equipping slots and hitpoints (HP) on a game card.

However, the fight does not end when a card's HP is exhausted. Voyagers can either wait for the card to recover during a cooldown period or employ other mechanisms to heal sooner. Upon healing, the card will return to the battlefield to continue defending Otherside.

In this perilous landscape, the reward for bravery and strategy is rich. Once a Voyager defeats The Shattered, they are rewarded with treasures known as Unearthed Artifacts. These artifacts enhance gameplay within Legends of the Mara and also aid The Friends.

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