Sediment Tiers Matter in Otherside: LoTM

Sediment Tiers Matter in Otherside: LoTM
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The Otherside shared new details for how Sediment tiers will matter, with higher tiers correlating to higher production.

The Details

  • The higher your Sediment tier, the more Sediment Fragments your Otherdeed will produce.
  • Otherdeeds with Sediment tier 3 have the best production, while Sediment tier 1 has the least.
  • A Farmer on an Otherdeed Expanded enables Fragment harvest.
  • Additional Farmers and Enchanters enhance the production.
  • Regardless of production, the native sediment will always produce the same type of fragment.

❗ Why It Matters

The gaming team has been providing weekly updates over at the LoTM gaming blog, which is a nice development that keeps Voyagers in the loop until the launch of the official LoTM Litepaper.

Last week's update divulged that higher level tiers enable more workers on the plots, and this week's update brought news that Sediment tiers influence production and that production can be enhanced with additional Farmers and Enchanters.

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