Team Glacia: Refresh Your Metadata

Team Glacia: Refresh Your Metadata
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Yuga Labs announced a metadata update for Team Glacia Voyagers who participated in the 2nd Trip last week, a move that will pave the way for winning participants to claim a Winged Helmet reward in the coming days.

❗ Why It Matters

The Winged Helmet is a skin that can be equipped in the Otherside, and it is purely a cosmetic enhancement. Otherdeed holders who were members of Jimmy Wong's (@jfwong) Team Glacia during the 2nd Trip will receive the prize.

🔎The Details

Eligible Otherdeed plots have had their "Obelisk Piece" trait updated to "First Trip."  Voyagers who participated in last July's 1st Trip received the same metadata update on their land plot. A small number of Twitter users took issue with the fact that Team Glacia winners received the same metadata update as 1st Trip participants, suggesting Team Glacia winners should have received a new trait. Yuga Labs expects to airdrop the Winged Helmet reward to winners "next week."

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