Team Glacia Victorious in Otherside 2nd Trip

Team Glacia Victorious in Otherside 2nd Trip
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Players on Team Glacia will receive a Winged helmet airdrop since their team was victorious in 2nd Trip, per @OthersideMeta.

❗ Why It Matters

The Otherside 2nd Trip demo's team aspect and subsequent reward added an additional layer of gamification and enriched the experience for Voyagers and their guests.

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🔎The Deets

  • Team Glacia (blue) won by securing the most magic blobs and delivering them to their toads.
  • Team assignments were random, and Team Glacia was captained by Jimmy Wong (@jfwong), an actor, host, gamer, and Internet veteran.
  • Players on Team Glacia will receive an airdrop of a Winged helmet to their wallet within a week.
    • The Victory helmet is a skin and purely a cosmetic enhancement.
    • The collection link will be tweeted by @OthersideMeta once the airdrop 🪂 is complete.

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