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About DeadHeads

DeadHeads is a 3d collectibles project that is paired to a “community-driven animated series.” There are 10,000 total DeadHeads, broken into the following types:

  • Human (5983)
  • Skeleton (2322)
  • Mummy (934)
  • Zombie (602)
  • Ghost (112)
  • Gold Skeleton (47)

DeadHeads claims to be the “first collection to become its own animated series” and allows holders to contribute to the script through a committee.

The project completed its drop on June 30, 2021, selling out all 10,000 NFTs at a mint price of 0.09 ETH in 25 minutes. The reveal was delayed until July 7, 2021.

On July 11, 2021, the team completed a “floor mop,” purchasing many DeadHeads that were priced at the floor for use in future giveaways.

As for the animated series, DeadHead expects to release its pilot episode during the month of August, 2021. The project promises to deliver “ongoing value from holding and participating in the rise of DeadHeads” by featuring some of the NFTs in its animated series. NFT holders have full ownership over their DeadHead and underlying art, and the team has promised to negotiate terms with holders whose characters are featured in the show.

On August 16, 2021, DeadHeads announced they would allow collectors to own "pieces of history from the animated series" using a mechanism they call "DeadTickets". Holders are able to burn DeadTickets in exchange for the right to mint a collectible asset. Asset selection is based on "queued priority".

The team has tasked Paul Allen Hunton -- whose accolades include four EMMY’s -- with a leadership role in the project


In late October, the DeadHeads team announced a plan for DeadHead Evolution. DeadHeads that had not been traded in the month prior were eligible for evolution, which can be achieved by burning the DeadHead and one "DeadTicket." The combined burning will trigger a vessel mint pass, which is good for one Evolved DeadHead.

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