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About Pudgy Penguins

​​Pudgy Penguins is an avatar project and collection of 8,888 unique, randomly generated penguins on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Built via a strong organic community of holders, known as “The Huddle,” Pudgy Penguins has developed a strong reputation with the cryptocurrency and NFT Twitter communities. 

Built from five different trait types, these cute penguins were originally available for mint at .03 ETH. After selling out in 20 minutes, Pudgy Penguins later gained acclaim with New York Times reporter Kevin Roose’s purchase and front-page story, I Joined a Penguin NFT Club Because Apparently That’s What We Do Now.

Since launch, Pudgy Penguin’s have steadily added value through collaborations, including a 1/1 with notable artist Gossip Goblin that sold for 20 ETH. Additionally, Penguin holders have been able to claim one “Pudgy Present” per penguin they hold. These presents are set to reveal on December 25th, 2021.

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