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Owls NFT Overview

Project Information

Owls is a collection of 10,000 on-chain ASCII art owl NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Owl NFT was randomly generated on-chain from over 90,000,000 possible trait combinations. The project originally was created with no roadmap in mind, rather just a collection of cool ASCII art. However, the collection immediately took off on the secondary markets and the project decided to pivot from its initial plans. A roadmap was released soon after mint that consisted of four different phases. While phase one focused on strengthening brand identity, phase two introduces the ability for holders to "roost" their Owl NFT(s) to earn tickets and rewards. As the roadmap moves on to phase three, other projects and partner collections will be able to take part in roosting for rewards. Roadmap phase four allows holders to customize their Owls, and ultimately phase five introduces a community DAO.