Oxya Origin NFTs

Oxya Origin NFT Overview

Project Information

Oxya Origin is the first collaborate-to-earn RPG that allows land conquests, social experiments, and in-game governance with 7,898 3D NFTs designed by Laury Guintrand.

Oxya Origin is a company composed of a team of almost 30 members, ranging from design, marketing, writers, and much more. Lead artist Laury Guintrand is best known as the visual effects artists for Marvel Avengers and The Witcher, among many other prominent films.

The full ecosystem of Oxya Origin is meant to be rewarding for both investors and players such as with lands that will be granted with early access. Oxya Origin NFTs will be able to be used as an avatar in the Oxya Origin collaborate-to-earn RPG game that will allow holders to interact and trade with other people, participate in games, and organize lands.