Panda Dynasty NFTs

Panda Dynasty NFT Overview

Project Information

Panda Dynasty is a collection of 8,888 Panda Bear NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Panda Dynasty is the first decentralized treasure hunt game. Panda holders have the right to participate in the quest, play new games every week, earn new NFTs, and get a chance to win a part of the treasure chest

The mission of the game is to collect Panda Passes by successfully finding and solving fun, difficult, but exciting games. Each Panda Pass has a specific goal from pumpkins to time machines and lucky bamboo NFTs that all add more utility to the hunt. Only those who purchase a unique Panda Dynasty NFT may participate in the game.

Panda Dynasty has a merch store on their website where holders can have merch tailored for their NFT. There is also a Panda Dynasty storyline that is available in a scroll-down comic book where the origins of the bears can be discovered.