Get Ready To Play! Parallel Alpha Starting Soon

Get Ready To Play! Parallel Alpha Starting Soon
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Parallel, the sci-fi trading card game using NFTs, announced its closed alpha will begin on on Feb. 28

❗Why It Matters

The closed alpha is the first step in bringing the Parallel game to the public, and the team behind the project is excited about what is to come next. However, before getting ready to play the closed beta, users must ensure their systems meet the necessary requirements which you can find posted here.

🧐Wait, What?

Yep, users will need to be sure their machines are compatible with the Parallel Alpha client. The team did point to coming improvements though.

"Please note the Parallel Alpha Client is not fully optimized for lower spec machines. Future builds will include further optimizations and compatibility with Mac."

The Deets

Those selected for the closed alpha will be notified via email starting around Feb. 22. 

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Oh dear oh dear... my little Dell laptop doesn't make the grade! Time to boot my son off his gaming PC!NFTMummy

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