Parallel Pushes Patch Update, Avatar Challenge

Parallel Pushes Patch Update, Avatar Challenge
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Parallel announced a busy update featuring a new game patch, player additions to the beta, and an Avatar Challenge.

The Deets

  • Game Patch: New game update, patch 0.21, introduces balance changes across factions.
  • Player Expansion: New players, including collector communities, are added to the beta pool.
  • Battle Pass Cycle: A new cycle begins September 1, resetting ranks and offering an unlockable in-game title.
  • Avatar Challenge: Players can win Avatar reservations by coaching new players.

The Bulk

Parallel's latest game update, patch 0.21, promises not just bug fixes but promotes significant balance changes across factions, adding layers of strategy and depth to the gameplay. Players can delve into these nuances through the company's latest podcast episode.

The expansion of the beta pool is more than just a numerical increase. The inclusion of collector communities like Pudgy Penguins indicates a strategic focus on community-building. The Avatar Challenge, set to start this Friday, aims to grow the player base by rewarding players for mentoring newcomers.

As for the Battle Pass, it's not just a grind for rewards; it's a seasonal reset that aims to keep the competition fresh. Ranks will be reset, and a new unlockable in-game title will be introduced, encouraging players to rise through the ranks once more.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

Parallel has experienced a surge in active players, with numbers tripling since the last major update. 

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

If you're part of the Parallel community or planning to join, make sure you update your game client and launcher. Get ready for the Avatar Challenge starting this Friday and prepare for the next Battle Pass cycle!

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