Parallel Holders: Designate a Wallet For $PRIME Earnings

Parallel Holders: Designate a Wallet For $PRIME Earnings
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Parallel has added the ability for collectors to designate a primary wallet for in-game $PRIME earnings ahead of the game's closed alpha release.

❗Why It Matters

Parallel is one of web3's most anticipated games, and those who participate in the game will have the opportunity to earn $PRIME, the project's native token.

❓ Wait, What?

  • Parallel players can earn $PRIME by winning games while utilizing NFTs that are in their deck.
  • A player does not necessarily need to use NFT cards that are in their deck.
  • If you lose a game, you will not earn any $PRIME.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Parallel has multi-wallet support, and users will have the ability to designate a single wallet as the recipient for any $PRIME earned during gameplay.
  • Keep in mind that this wallet address will be viewable by others who play the game.
  • To designate a primary wallet, visit your Settings page.

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