Parallel Launches Echo Replication

Parallel Launches Echo Replication
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Parallel launches Echo Replication, allowing players to create new Echo cards using $PRIME and Renown.

The Deets

  • Echo Replication lets players use in-game experience (Renown) and $PRIME tokens to mint new cards.
  • Echo cards function identically to FE, SE, and PL versions but have a unique category.
  • Dynamic pricing in $PRIME for card replication depends on current demand.
  • Renown needed for replication is fixed at 800; Echo cards cannot be used for further replication.

The Bulk

Parallel introduced a new feature called Echo Replication. With Echo Replicatoin, players use both $PRIME tokens and Renown—an in-game experience metric—to create Echo cards. These Echo cards are identical in functionality to the original First Edition (FE), Special Edition (SE), or Perfect Loop (PL) cards but are classified in their own separate category.

The cost of replication depends on the edition of the card you are using. SE and PL cards earn more Renown than their FE counterparts, making them more beneficial for this process. However, Echo cards themselves cannot be used for further replication. Moreover, the cost in $PRIME for replicating fluctuates based on supply and demand principles. If a card is highly replicated, its $PRIME cost will surge; conversely, a decline in demand leads to a decrease in price.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The fixed cost for Echo Replication in Renown stands at 800 for all cards, with $PRIME costs being variable depending on demand.

๐ŸŽค Platform Prose 

Why does this matter? Because it makes you, the players, the arbiters of card supply.Parallel

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

Players interested in Echo Replication should ensure they have enough $PRIME and Renown. They must also have a small amount of ETH for gas fees and should visit Parallel's official website to initiate the process.

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