Parallel Preparing for Open Beta

Parallel Preparing for Open Beta
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Parallel is leaping into Open Beta with its Season 1: Toxic Reckoning rollout, featuring a new Universal Legendary card and exclusive rewards starting tomorrow, Feb. 29. 

The Deets

  • New Universal Legendary Card: Ghosan, Viper of Ceres
  • Exclusive Cosmetics: Paragon Skins, Card Back, Card Frame, Title
  • Adjustments: PRIME emissions, Replication cost, Apparition crafting
  • Fixes & Updates: Bug fixes, updated minimum specs, Closed Beta raffle details

The Bulk

Parallel is making its transition to Open Beta tomorrow. This new phase, dubbed Season 1: Toxic Reckoning, opens the gates to all players and introduces a host of updates and new content.

Among the highlights is the unveiling of a new Universal Legendary card, Ghosan, Viper of Ceres, promising to add new dynamics to the gameplay. Exclusive cosmetics and additional rewards further sweeten the pot, ensuring both new and veteran players have fresh content to explore.

Adjustments to game mechanics, including $PRIME emissions and Replication costs, are set to enhance the overall gaming experience. Moreover, the update addresses several bugs and optimizes game performance for a wider range of systems, ensuring a smoother, more accessible gaming journey for all.

📊 By the Numbers

Parallel's $PRIME token is up nearly 18% on the week to $14.45. 

🎬Take Action

Ready to join the fray? Set up your account at and start your journey in Parallel's Open Beta tomorrow.

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