Parallel Shares Colony Whitepaper

Parallel Shares Colony Whitepaper
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Parallel officially launched the whitepaper for its AI-Powered game, Colony, which will be launched on the Solana blockchain.

The Deets

  • Highly autonomous AI avatars: Players guide avatars with wide-ranging skills for survival in future Earth scenarios.
  • Continuous learning and uniqueness: Avatars grow based on experiences, shaping unique personalities and worldviews.
  • Web3 wallet functionality: Avatars autonomously transact digital assets, pushing the envelope of AI capabilities in gaming.
  • Echelon Prime ecosystem extension: Colony enriches the Echelon Web3 gaming environment, integrating Parallel TCG assets.

The Bulk

Parallel will break new ground with "Colony," an AI-driven web3 game that introduces autonomous avatars capable of evolving through continuous learning. The avatars, equipped with the ability to transact using web3 wallets, offer players a novel gameplay experience that doesn't require much human intervention.

In Colony, players will be able to create new Avatars (not to be confused with the original collection) with $PRIME. Initial Avatar creation will require holding the Original NFT, but series of Avatars may be released on Solana in the future. 

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The market reacted kindly to the whitepaper with Parallel's $PRIME token rising 11.7% to $21.01. 

๐Ÿง Wait, What?

At its core, "Colony" merges AI's potential with blockchain's transparency and security, allowing avatars to learn, evolve, and transact independently. This convergence offers a glimpse into the future of digital interactions and entertainment.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

Colony's Alpha is expected in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025.  

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