Peacefall NFTs

Peacefall NFT Overview

Project Information

Peacefall NFT is a collection of 8,192 pixelated, animated "Challengers" to be utilized in an upcoming game. The NFTs depict characters in battle with various weapons. There are 9 base characters with 7 traits that do not matter other than for aesthetics and rarity, and 2 traits that will matter for gameplay, HP (health), and syndicate.

Gameplay will consist of 2 phases. During the first phase, there are no consequences to losing. Each participant chooses 1 of the 5 elemental disciplines (Earth, Timber, Water, Metal, Fire) and is randomly matched with another NFT. The winner is selected based upon the chosen disciplines' strengths and weaknesses, with HP acting as the tiebreaker. If a player does not choose a discipline their character will default to its syndicate trait. Total wins will be tallied during phase 1, with benefits going to the owners of NFTs with the most wins including NFT upgrades with each win.

In Phase 2 owners can choose peace (locking in their NFT as is) or battle. For these battles, losers will die, although the NFT will not be burned, whereas winners reaching their fourth total win inclusive of Phase 1 will upgrade their NFT and unlock its special ability. The future of the project after Phase 2 is unknown, but dead NFTs will be at a disadvantage, and characters with special abilities unlocked will be at an extreme advantage.