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Permies NFT Overview

Project Information

Permies NFT is a collection of 555 NFTs from Blockworks which grant holders a permanent pass to Permissionless + VIP access in 2022.

The artist, 3D Print Guy, has been a 3D artist for over 15 years. He gave up computer science to join Pixar and has had a fun career working for Pixar, Sony, and Netflix. In early 2021, he landed in the NFT space with the intention of creating fun, story-packed animations for all of Web3.

Permies are Web2 workers, grinding away at their day jobs and yearning for a better future – one filled with financial freedom, world travel, and like-minded friends. While passing time browsing Blockworks' website, 555 Permies are launched down a Web3 rabbit hole and find themselves in a fully Permissionless future.

A Permie acts as a VIP Pass to Permissionless 2022. Blockworks has partnered with Coinbase and Bankless to take over Palm Beach for the web3 cultural event of the year. Permissionless 2022 takes place May 17-19 where attendees will hear from some of the most forward-thinking names in the space (Speakers list) and party with web3 communities IRL. Attendees will enjoy a packed three days of expert and community panels, NFT galleries, after parties, music, networking, and more.