ill poop it NFTs

ill poop it

Project Information

ill poop it NFT is a collection of "piles of sh*t" NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has no roadmap,nor any Discord planned for holders or the public.

The team introduced a burning mechanism where holders can burn their ill poop it NFT to receive a "Sh*tBeast." Genesis Sh*tBeasts can be traded on OpenSea and holders will be airdropped a "cleanser" for the purpose of 3rd Generation conversion. Only holders who burn their ill poop it NFTs will be eligible for a Sh*tbeast airdrop. 2nd Generation beasts can be staked but 1st Generations will receive greater rewards.

The first item to be available from the "sh*tty shop" will be a plunger paid for in $SHIT. The mint process is being called an ‘Anti-Dutch-Auction’ and the price will rise by 500 million $SHIT every 30 minutes until it reaches a resting price of 2 billion $SHIT.

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