Pirates of the Metaverse NFTs

Pirates of the Metaverse NFT Overview

Project Information

Pirates of the Metaverse is an NFT collection of unique characters that will exist simultaneously in 3 different versions: 3D, 2D, and Pixel Art.

The Pirate Crew is focused on delivering utility, high-quality art, and an overall fun experience for their community. The project's vision is to develop the Pirates into a global brand, exploring new avenues of storytelling while leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Every Pirate will exist simultaneously on multiple blockchains, with matching metadata but different styles. Minting an OG Pirate gives holders a claim on their multi-dimensional self across all networks they traverse into. Holding a Full Set will be the key to cross-chain interaction as the metaverse expands. In the game, every holder gets 1,000 $Doubloons to start and a daily reload of 200 $Doubloons (per Pirate held).