Punks Comic 'Apes Out on the Town' Mint Is Live

Punks Comic 'Apes Out on the Town' Mint Is Live

Pixel Vault's Punks Comic just released its newest edition, Apes Out on the Town, which is available to mint now.

Minting is open through Jul. 28 at 5 p.m. ET. There is no rush to mint, and Elite Ape Entry Coins can be burned 1-to-1 for the comic NFT. Ape Madness participants can also claim the comic for free.

Many of the same characters in PUNKS #2 are in Apes Out on the Town.

"In their constant pursuit of relieving boredom, a small crew of apes travel to Origin City for a night out on the town," the comic's description reads. "Readers of PUNKS #2 will recognize the familiar faces of Hanzo, Lone Star, Kiki, Biz, Tropo, Gold-Rilla, King Blackbored, and BBA as they all try to help a blacked-out Biz retrace his steps from the previous night's adventures."

Mint Apes Out on the Town here.

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