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Pixel Vault Shares Major New Update

Pixel Vault intends to innovate in public instead of build in silence, according to a new video shared by the company on Twitter.

❗ Why It Matters

Gaming is picking up steam in web3 headlines, led by the success of Yuga Lab's Dookey Dash, and Pixel Vault has no cemented its vision within this category as well. What was once lauded as a top ecosystem that eventually was hampered by complexity and too many moving parts, it will be interesting to watch Pixel Vault move forward with a clear focus.

📝 The Deets

In the video, Pixel Vault breaks down its gameplan: 

  • March + April: 
    • Focus On Lore: Focusing on the lore for titles like Battle of the Moon, Mutant Origins, Heroes & Villian, Evolution of Earth, and more. 
    • Inhabitant Universe: Package Blue, Act 1
    • Comic "Punk 4" which will be free to read, and not a new mint. 
  • May:
  • And more: PV shared more hints and sneak peeks at the ecosystem's unfolding lore. 

🎤 Community Quotes

still fudding? watch what comes nextPixel Vault

Pixel Vault Shares Major New Update
Pixel Vault Opens Applications to Core Committee
Staff Writer

The Pixel Vault team is opening applications to its Pixel Vault Core Committee, according to a tweet from the project's account this afternoon.

In a teaser video accompanying the tweet, all Core Identity NFT holders are encouraged to apply to "have a voice behind the scenes, give input on gaming + creative direction, explore collaboration opportunities, and be rewarded for your contribution."

Community members wishing to apply should complete the form at this link.

The application consists of 6 basic questions, asking for identifier information (name, email, Discord ID, Twitter handle), wallet information, and which Core Identity Token(s) are owned.

Applications for Q1 2023 participation close on Dec. 15, 2022, and there will be a Q&A session for applications the following day for additional details.

Pixel Vault Opens Applications to Core Committee
Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
Staff Writer

Pixel Vault released a trailer including details of its upcoming game Tuesday.

The Pixel Vault game will allow users to play as their MetaHero in a "3v3 auto brawler," or auto battler game, like Teamfight Tactics or the blockchain game Illuvium, which is currently in beta.

Holders will be able to use gear and planets in the battles and the video urges users to "bring your $POW" — one of the tokens in the Pixel Vault ecosystem. $POW is up 33 percent to $0.0344 since the tweet.

MetaHero Identities, the main avatar collection in Pixel Vault, is up to a 1.27 ETH floor price after hitting an all-time low floor price of 0.59 ETH on Sept. 17. 

Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
Pixel Vault Announces New Comic Mint Date
Staff Writer

"Apes Out on the Town," a new comic from Pixel Vault, is set to mint July 21, the project announced on Twitter Monday. 

The comic is a free mint for holders of Elite Ape Entry Coins and can be claimed by burning the coins from July 21-28. Those that entered a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT into the Ape Madness contest can also claim a free NFT drawn by Pixel Vault artist Christ Wahl.

Elite Ape Entry Coins have a floor price of 0.084 ETH. 

Pixel Vault Announces New Comic Mint Date
Pixel Vault Town Hall Recap | Utility Updates, DAO Participation, and More
Chris Koch

Key Takeaways

  • Founder and CEO @Gfunkera86 addressed the new blog post he released on Medium.
  • Pixel Vault is looking to have upwards of 100 employees by the end of 2022.
  • “Sidekicks” mintpasses is the project codename for upcoming "Species" and "DOT’s."
  • Pixel Vault teased “secret alpha” on a new look and feel for Metaheros.
  • The mystery partner from the blog post will be announced in 2 months.
  • Metaheros and Punks Comic will be focused on gaming and storytelling.
  • Groundbreaking DAO website is being built to be ready on July 1, 2022. The expectation is it will create a new standard and premier way to drive DAO participation.
  • Pixel Vault Sports and Vayner Sports are working together, more to be revealed at VeeCon (Gary and AJ are investors in Pixel Vault)

MetaHero Updates

There is a major focus on making amazing and fun gaming experiences for Punks Comic and Metahero.

The first phase of the MetaHero blockchain game has an expected release in fall 2022. In total there will be six different games released in multiple phases over the next 2 years. 

In between the end of the Phase 1 staking period for Metaheros in June and the Phase 2 gamified tokenomics with the blockchain release in the fall, the United Planets DAO will vote on whether to extend the staking period to fill the gap for 2-3 months. 

Project founder, GFunk, talked about the look and feel of Metahero Identities, indicating in the future they will be new and distinct.

Additionally, Pixel Vault is working with creative partners and advisors within Hollywood on the MetaHero and Punks Comic visions.

The creative directors envision Metaheros, DOTs, and Species with different looks than previously seen. Metahero holders will be able to change their Metahero character to the style that suits them, but the new style will not create a dilutive NFT collection.

In relation to Sidekicks, it was revealed that Sidekicks are a codename for a project that has become much grander and more complex than initially planned. New complexities are expected that have not yet been utilized in the NFT space thus far. 

The Sidekicks will involve both Species and DOTs. Species will be what people are envisioning Sidekicks to be, while DOTs, Planets, and Metaheros play a bigger role in the Metahero story, NFT ecosystem, and game yet to be unveiled. It was announced that Mintpass#2 Sidekicks (or Species and DOTs?) will be revealed before the release of Phase 1 of the blockchain game in the fall. 



Pixel Vault is working with partners for real life utility for existing and future collectors. This utility will be announced in the next few weeks.

It was mentioned that Pixel Vault will be doing something different than other projects, perhaps by providing holders with fun ways to interact. These innovations will kick this off at NFT NYC.

When it comes to merch, new merchandise will be available in the near future and purchasable in the ecosystem's native $POW token.

Punks Comic Updates

The Punks Comic story will also be much bigger than the team initially envisioned. Pixel Vault is going to use the Punks Comic story with the main character Courtney to bring web3 culture to the mainstream. 

PUNKS Comic #3 is expected to be released in June, completing the Genesis Comic set. The third comic will be a PUNKS x MetaHero crossover edition.

Planet DAO Updates

GFunk announced that they are close to releasing a groundbreaking DAO website that will set the standard for DAO participation.

These plans involve gamifying participation to improve the strength and community that makes up the DAO.  This will be a major piece to the Metahero game and is likely to make Sidekicks a lot more important. 

Pixel Vault Sports

Pixel Vault hired Tzvi “T” Twersky, former Sports Marketing Lead at TikTok and CMO of the Mamba Sports Academy, to lead "Pixel Vault Sports."

PV Sports will tell stories of athletes in a fun comic-type way. More information on this endeavor is to be announced at VeeCon on May 20. Pixel Vault sports intends to use sports and the power of storytelling to onboard more people into web3 rather than just with NFTs and tokens.

It was also revealed that PV Sports and Vayner Sports are working together again with more expected to be unveiled at VeeCon (AJ and Gary Vaynerchuk are investors in Pixel Vault).


There is going to be revamped marketing for Phase 2 of Pixel Vault. The teams marketing will not talk about things 6+ months in the future and rather only things that are imminent. Furthermore, news will be coming out in a more structured and frequent cadence with a lot to be released over the next two months at VeeCon and NFT NYC.

Pixel Vault Town Hall Recap | Utility Updates, DAO Participation, and More
LT;DR Feb. 2 NFT Recap: Pixel Vault Investors
John Nannetti

Top News Today:

  • Pixel Vault Investors

  • Larva Labs Emerges

  • ChainFaces Arena Ends

  • Top Movers

Pixel Vault Investors

Punks Comic creator Pixel Vault gets $100 million in funding from Velvet Sea Ventures, TechCrunch reports. Planning to build the " decentralized Marvel" Pixel Vault has now acquired a massive vault to execute their goals. The project has seen nearly 100,000 ETH in lifetime transaction volume, securing this funding Pixel Vault will look to expand the comics and MetaHero universe. Since the announcement Punks Comic has jumped over 1,000% in volume. 


Larva Labs Emerges

Larva Labs creator of CryptoPunks announced it would “take action” against the Wrapped CryptoPunks v1 collection saying it has “no right to use the art or the name.” The normally silent company sold some of its Wrapped CryptoPunks for a 210 ETH profit to “signal our distaste for (the project),” according to a Discord statement. Since the announcement The Wrapped Cryptopunks have dropped to around a 15 ETH floor after being above 20 ETH yesterday.  

ChainFaces Arena Ends

ChainFaces Arena ended late last night with Bears Deluxe NFT winning the $140,000 prize. Nate Alex, creator of ChainFaces, live tweeted the finish at 3:00 am ET, with the bounty hitting $80,000 per NFT at one point. Participates who were still left were faced with a tough decision in the closing hours of the game. 




  • Azuki slows as the whole market takes a little hit, OpenSea API outages has hurt volume down 72%. 

  • Clone X down in volume, still good numbers across the board, 2,600 ETH in 24 hour volume. 

  • Lives of Asuna has been steadily going down in volume just short of 2,000 ETH. 

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LT;DR Feb. 2 NFT Recap: Pixel Vault Investors