Pixel Vault's Upcoming Auto-Brawler to Launch on Reboot

Pixel Vault's Upcoming Auto-Brawler to Launch on Reboot
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Pixel Vault is launching their upcoming auto-brawler on Reboot, and a whitepaper for the arcade protocol was released, per this tweet from Reboot.gg.

โ— Why It Matters

The Reboot whitepaper declares that the gaming ecosystem is broken, and Reboot.gg is presenting a decentralized solution to the traditional problems associated with the gaming industry, such as high fees (the industry average platform fee is 30%), predatory monetization tactics, and an overall lack of fun.

The protocol provides a scalable framework for managing in-game economies and controlling how matchmaking is conducted, among many other things. Players can be rewarded from both regular gameplay and affiliate rewards, developers get a cut of session revenue and the sale of in-game items, and other participants can earn fees from providing liquidity; and all the monetary flows are traceable from the point-of-purchase.

What It Means

  • Reboot Shop enables in-game digital tokens that can be either sold to players or used as rewards for winning games.
  • Players will gain true ownership of their game items, as opposed to how Fortnite skins are bought but can never be sold or moved off the server, or the mechanics within popular online modes such as 2K's NBA MyTeam or FIFA's Ultimate Team (in which items reset every year).
  • Players can earn tokens or rewards in the form of NFTs, for the number of completed game sessions or for completing objectives.
  • Matchmaking uses on-chain data to determine relative player skill.
  • Developers can issue promotional game credits to promote their games.


๐ŸŽค Community Quotes

Gaming+Web3 is not a new idea, but tokenizing game economies presents design challenges that can result in less competition, and interest in web3 gaming. Reboot offers a solution with minimal cost for developers to incorporate a stable web3 growth economy in their games.@TuringCrypto


๐Ÿ”œ What’s Next?

Pixel Vault will be sharing the whitepaper for their @inhabitants_  Autobrawler game in "the next week or so", according to @TuringCrypto.


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