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Pixelmon Generation 1 is a collection of 8,080 NFTs that serve as the cornerstone of the Pixelmon open-world blockchain RPG. A Generation 1 Pixelmon NFT provides holders numerous benefits leading up to the launch of the game in Q3 of 2022. First and foremost, owning a Generation 1 Pixelmon provides holders with a playable in-game Pixelmon character. Additionally, holders are able to access in-game land reservations prior to public launch in Q1 of 2022 and exclusive pre-sale access of the Pixelmon Token in Q2 of 2022. Generation 1 Pixelmon holders are also rewarded with exclusive in-game items and early access to Pixelmon's alpha game release.

As a blockchain open-world RPG, there are many aspects to the overall game. Pixelmon themselves are creatures in the Pixelmon game that can be caught, collected, traded, and sold as NFTs. Generation 1 Pixelmon will not be available to be caught in-game and can only be obtained through minting and buying on the secondary market. Pixelmon Land is available as numerous items ranging from tents and rooms to mansions and shops.

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