Pixelmon Launches Affinity Training, How to Get a Trainer

Pixelmon Launches Affinity Training, How to Get a Trainer

The road to receiving a Pixelmon Trainer NFT is open starting today, Oct. 17, and the characters have been created by the lead character designer at Blizzard Entertainment, a popular video game developer.

Holders of these new character NFTs will have access to a pfp (profile picture) and fully-rigged 3D assets, land, and tokens in the future.

But how are Pixelmon Trainer NFTs earned?

"In order to receive your Trainer, you will have to participate in our training system," Pixelmon wrote on Twitter. "This involves training your Generation 1 Pixelmon NFT for animation/sound upgrades followed by Affinity Training. Eggs can be trained too."

Animation and sound upgrades were previously released.

Each Pixelmon's affinity score will increase each week until it reaches 100. The higher the base affinity, the faster it increases. Once it reaches 100, which is expected to take three to five weeks depending on the Pixelmon's affinity value), the Trainer NFTs are unlocked and claimable. Holders can instantly reveal their Trainers.

Train here.

For more information about Pixelmon's upcoming Affinity Training, see the project's Medium post here.

More about Pixelmon

At the time of publish, the Pixelmon floor price sits at 0.387 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 5 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 17 sharp wallets have sold 21 NFTs and 6 sharp wallets have bought 11 NFTs in the Pixelmon collection. Catch up on other recent Pixelmon news here.

Recent Pixelmon Sales

#6627sold at 11/28 8:11pm for
#3050sold at 11/28 11:11am for
#2843sold at 11/27 8:11pm for
#2410sold at 11/27 4:11pm for
#547sold at 11/27 4:11pm for

Recent Pixelmon Listings

#5293listed at 11/28 8:11pm for
#5293listed at 11/28 8:11pm for
#6627listed at 11/28 7:11pm for
#6627listed at 11/28 7:11pm for
#2415listed at 11/28 6:11pm for
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