Pixelmon Releases Strategy Whitepaper

Pixelmon Releases Strategy Whitepaper
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Pixelmon has released its strategy whitepaper, detailing its approach to decentralized game ownership through Right-Of-Game (RoG) and NFTs.

The Deets

  • Right-Of-Game (RoG) system
  • Dual game economy: Web2 and Web3
  • Decentralized Autonomous Tribe (DAT)
  • Governance Token

The Details

Pixelmon's strategy whitepaper outlines its approach to decentralized game ownership. The Right-Of-Game (RoG) system aims to decentralize ownership of game IP and in-game assets through NFTs, with L1 Genesis NFTs providing shared IP rights and contractual royalties to owners, and L2 In-game NFTs granting players decentralized ownership of in-game assets. RoG promotes user-generated content, in-game spending, and asset interoperability across different games and ecosystems.

The Genesis NFT Collection consists of Creatures, Evolution Serum, and Trainers & Gears, with utilities for each category detailed in the whitepaper. The game economy accommodates different player preferences, offering access to digital assets through gameplay, in-game store purchases, or secondary marketplace trading. The dual currency system ensures a seamless gameplay experience for Web2 players while providing full ownership of in-game assets for Web3 players.

Decentralized Autonomous Tribes (DATs) will be set up for each of the four tribes in the game, implementing a Governance Token system for strategic and organizational decision-making. The governance framework aims to boost active participation with features like capped supply released over time, quadratic voting mechanisms, and token staking on specific proposals.

โ—๏ธWhy It Matters

Pixelmon might finally be putting its warchest to use after selling out its high-priced mint, which later revealed to be terrible art... highlighted by Kevin. With a massive treasury and a completely overhauled art direction, it does seem possible that the brand can gain some positive momentum in web3, despite its rather treacherous beginning. Gaming seems to be one of the lone bright spots in web3 this year, and if Pixelmon can capitalize on the approach outline above, it will represent one of the only ecosystems that has provided a clear outline for how NFT holder incentives are aligned with the brand's success. 

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

Pixelmon's floor price has been a roller coaster. The project minted for 3 ETH, before ultimately falling well below 1 ETH. The collection is up 185 percent in the last month to 0.85 ETH at the time of writing. 

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

To learn more about Pixelmon approach to decentralized game ownership, read the full paper.


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