Pixelmon Shares Details About $MON Waitlist, Token Lots

Pixelmon Shares Details About $MON Waitlist, Token Lots
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Pixelmon announced more details about its community presale, which will offer exclusive access to guaranteed lots and waitlist codes for Pixelmon and Golden Trainer NFT holders.

The Deets

  • Presale Timing: Scheduled weeks before the $MON Token Generation Event
  • Guaranteed Lots: Allocated based on NFT rarity, with specific lots for Pixelmon and Golden Trainers
  • Redemption Process: Waitlist codes for holders found at presale.monprotocol.ai for sharing with friends and family 

The Bulk

Pixlemon announced its $MON community presale is scheduled to occur a few weeks before its $MON token generation event (TGE), providing benefit to its community and holders of Pixelmon and Golden Trainer NFTs. 

Guaranteed lots are tied to the rarity of each NFT, in which Pixelmon and Golden Trainer NFT holders can expect varying number allocations based on the rarity of their NFTs, from Common to Mythic and Golden Trainers. 

Additionally, every NFT holder, regardless of their NFT's rarity, receives a set of codes they can share with friends and family. These codes provide access to a waitlist spot for the presale. Each code is single-use, ensuring a fair distribution and an equal opportunity for interested parties to participate.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

As the token generation event approaches, keep an eye out for more details on the pre-sale. 

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