Pixelmon Unveils Badge System

Pixelmon Unveils Badge System
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Pixelmon debuted its badge system, introducing Community Badges and Cosmetic Badges to reward active ecosystem participants.

The Deets

  • Badge Types: The system features Community Badges and Cosmetic Badges.
  • Reward Mechanism: Active community members will be tracked and potentially rewarded through the Community Badges.
  • Rollout Plan: Pixelmon Badges are being introduced in phases, with Collection Badges arriving in Phase 2.
  • Token2049 Attendees: Those who were present but didn't receive a badge should reach out and tag the organizer.

The Bulk 

Pixelmon announced the launch of its badge system. In the initial rollout, termed Phase 1, its introduced two key badges: Community Badges and Cosmetic Badges.

The Community Badges aim to monitor and track the involvement of community members within the Pixelmon ecosystem. This innovative approach provides Pixelmon with a mechanism to identify and record its active members, setting the stage for potential rewards down the line. In fact, they've commenced the issuance of these badges as of today.

Pixelmon's badge system also includes campaigns, with the Raiders Badge campaign now being live and accessible on their platform.

However, this is just the beginning. Pixelmon plans to release their badges in various phases. While Phase 1 focuses on the initial badge types, Phase 2 promises to introduce Collection Badges, expanding the array of badges available for those holding Pixelmon Assets.

A noteworthy point for Pixelmon enthusiasts: individuals who graced the Token2049 event and missed out on their badge allocation have been asked to communicate and tag the organizer for rectification.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next? 

The current launch is just Phase 1, with more phases to come. A community moderator indciated badges would be important for the Pixelmon ecosystem down the road. 

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