Plasma Bears NFTs

Plasma Bears NFT Overview

Project Information

Plasma Bears is a unique NFT game created on the Loom sidechain in 2019, but has since been discontinued. The game was all about collecting, constructing, and adventuring bear NFTs. 

In order to play, you first had to collect bear parts, which could be done by visiting the site daily to receive a "daily gift," adventuring, or trading with friends. Once enough bear parts were acquired, users could craft a Plasma Bear. Crafting bears could be a way to improve the bear's overall stats and traits, or some players chose to focus on collecting all bear parts from a specific artist to craft an artists' complete Plasma Bear. Once users had a complete bear they could embark on different adventures to obtain rewards based on the difficulty of the adventure.

Notable artist XCopy has specific bear limbs and parts in the collection.