Plasticity by p4stoboy NFTs

Plasticity by p4stoboy NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 555 Plasticity by p4stoboy NFTs. 'Plasticity' by p4stoboy, a generative series of self-assembling fever dream infrastructure. This collection is the second to be featured on the generative art platform gm. studio.

The software that has become Plasticity began purely as an exercise in engineering and abstraction. P4stoboy loves working in 2d with an isometric transform, which became apparent ti him during his work on previous projects. P4stoboy would eventually really like a framework to reason about and store data in 3 dimensions before rendering it in 2. This framework has come to fruition and is what Plasticity is built on.

Fundamentally the system works as follows:

1. define a discrete 3d space of arbitrary size (as the space is not continuous the gap between any adjacent coordinates can be thought of like a voxel or unit cube).

2. allow any given (x,y,z) coordinate inside the defined space to hold an on/off state and a color value.

3. for each activated coordinate inside the space, determine its active neighbours to inform occlusion parameters and faces to be rendered.

4. calculate 2d positioning of coordinate based on isometric transform.