Porsche Airdrop For Minters, But What About Holders?

Porsche Airdrop For Minters, But What About Holders?
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Porsche announced its first airdrop will be hitting wallets soon, in a tweet early this morning from the project's official Twitter account.

❗ Why It Matters

The 2,363 item airdrop will be going live "very soon," according to the announcement. It will be landing in wallets "where the original 911 was minted."

❓ Wait, What?

Because the announcement noted the airdrop will be sent to minter wallets, it seems as though those who bought an NFT from the secondary market may be out of luck when it comes to Porsche's first airdrop. While it is not yet known exactly what the airdrop will consist of, the FAQ section of Porsche's website mentions "it will also be possible to claim a 3D version of your NFT opening up completely new opportunities going forward." Could this be the first airdrop?

ğŸŽ¤ Community Feedback

Why not to the ones who currently hold it? I bought it for 3x the mint price, I think I deserve one and not someone who bought and sold it...@BullrunEpic

Minters who sold are awarded for flipping? Jokes on me who bot [sic] on secondary. Ha ha.@Marcus99497163

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