Porsche Announces NFT Mint Details

Porsche Announces NFT Mint Details
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Porsche announced the mint details for its upcoming 911 NFT drop, which is scheduled for next Monday.

❗ Why it Matters

Porsche is the latest big brand to drop an NFT collection, and there will be a lot of attention focused on the upcoming mint.

💯 By The Numbers

  • The collection size will be 7,500, and mint price will be 0.911 ETH.
  • There will be a four-phase allowlist mint that will take place before the drop opens up to the public.

🏫 Learn More

  • Each NFT will have a specific "road" and "license plate" attribute. Roads seem similar to "themes" where the options are Performance, Heritage and Lifestyle.
  • Collectors will be able to personalize their NFTs by selecting specific traits.
  • Porsche promises collectors a "wide range of experiences, which will develop and drop over the next months and years."
  • Porsche envisions its 911 drop as "the first step into a new world of Porsche."

ğŸŽ¤ Community Feedback

Early feedback has focused on the mint price, with multiple commenters opining that 0.911 ETH is too expensive.

I literally have a Porsche and that's too much@James_Adams32

This feels very non finger-on-the-pulse of your audience, this space, and macro environment. Would revisit this approach if I was you.@DunkedCookie

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