PREMINT Collector Pass NFTs

PREMINT Collector Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 10,000 PREMINT Collector Pass NFTs. PREMINT Collector Pass holders get access to an evolving collector dashboard and features to stay on top of the hottest mints.

Brenden Mulligan is the founder of PREMINT, a web3 software company. Brenden's bio describes himself as a builder helping creators and the founder of @PREMINT_NFT and @PodpageHQ. He also works on prototyping @NFTSalesBots and @OwnerPortal.

Holders of a Collectors Pass get access to all of the public projects that are currently active on PREMINT and alpha on which lists are growing the fastest. They can also subscribe to a token-gated newsletter to stay informed about upcoming mint dates and trending projects. PREMINT also shows pass holders you what projects they’re eligible for based on their NFT collection to help get get on the list. A personalized calendar feed showing registration times and mint dates for all projects on the platform is another added perk to the PREMINT platform among other utilities.