PREMINT Shares Details on Security Breach

PREMINT Shares Details on Security Breach
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Update: An unknown third party manipulated a file that led to users being presented with a malicious signing prompt according to a PREMINT update at 2:14 p.m. ET on Sunday. Four separate Ethereum addresses were flagged on OpenSea for stealing assets from PREMINT users' wallets. The issue appears to have affected users who connected a wallet via a malicious dialog after midnight PT. 

PREMINT is still working on getting a full list of wallets that were impacted. If you were affected by the hack, please add your wallet details and information to the following Google Form

The PREMINT website will stay offline until additional security measures can be put in place.

PREMINT reported it is investigating user reports of a potential compromise of its website.

During the early morning hours of Sunday, users started reporting that when signing transactions to complete project raffles on, they were being asked to sign a potentially malicious "set approval for all" function. 

Twitter user, @SpiritAzuki shared an image documenting the activities. If users sign the "set approval for all" function, it would potentially allow the attacking party to access their funds and NFTs. 

At 4:13 a.m. ET, PREMINT urged users who feel they may have been affected or any users who had signed transactions in the hours leading up to the tweet to revoke permissions or move their NFTs to a new wallet. 

Always exercise caution when signing transactions. For more on ways to stay safe from NFT scams, refer to our guide.

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