To Stop Bots, PREMINT Makes Changes

To Stop Bots, PREMINT Makes Changes
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PREMINT is making a few changes to its process in order to combat botting issues on its platform, according to a tweet Monday. 

Raffle entries that fall below a pre-set ETH balance and those with re-used PREMINT passes will be "auto-disqualified," the platform tweeted Monday. Projects can now set a required ETH balance by raffle.

"If a raffle requires 1 eth, the bot needs 1 eth + 1,000x gas to enter 1,000 times," PREMINT tweeted.

The other change will discourage bots from transferring PREMINT passes to other wallets and registering multiple times with one pass. As a result, If a person buys a PREMINT NFT and enters the same raffle, then only the registration from the PREMINT holder will be valid, the project said. 

"There's no silver bullet when it comes to de-botting, but we will keep trying to make it harder and harder," PREMINT said.

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