'Proceed w/ Caution' Hits the Gas

'Proceed w/ Caution' Hits the Gas
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Lucréce disclosed that Phase 2 of Proceed w/ Caution will be a full blown 1/1 ERC 721 generative mint.

Why It Matters

While Open Edition meta has left many collecting without purpose, Lucréce has created a clear set of boundaries and rules for his collectors. Those who hold a full set of Proceed w/ Caution NFTs will be able to mint a generative 1/1, per full set owned. 

🔍 The Details

  • Requirement is to hold 1 full color set of Proceed w/ Caution.
  • Holders will be able to mint a 1/1 per set on the AsyncArt website, and the collection will be indexed on SuperRare.
  • Phase 2 will feature a full rarity model of 1-8 colors, with 10 legendaries available.

📊 By the Numbers

At the time of writing, a full color set of PWC is 4.082 ETH (~$6,680 USD).

🔜 What's Next?

Set holder snapshot won't happen until later on Thursday, Feb. 2nd. Lucréce has stressed that "this is Phase 2 of many more phases."


🎤 Community Quotes

Yeah, this is going to get VERY interesting VERY quickly.Flywheel, founder of @FlysAlpha

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