Producer C by iQIYI NFTs

Producer C by iQIYI NFT Overview

Project Information

Producer C is a collection of 5,000 robot panda NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was created by the Chinese video platform iQIYI and represents the first virtual brand created by the Chinese platform. Producer C NFT holders get first-hand experience with the five planets of the iQIYI meta-galaxy. The Music planet utilizes iQIYI musical IP within fun games and performances that holders can partake in. The iQIYI Chinese Historic City Universe (iCHCU) is a planet that focuses on the historical and cultural heritage of China. The Sweet On Theater planet hosts an emotional theater series that holders can watch together simultaneously. The Trendy Culture planet offers a platform for holders to interact with trendy brands that iQIYI partners with. The Light On Theater planet offers suspenseful short series that holders can watch together.