Project Godjira Gen 2 NFTs

Project Godjira Gen 2 NFT Overview

Project Information

Project Godjira Gen 2 is an expansive secondary collection of 3,333 unique Godjiras on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of Godjira Gen 2 NFTs are provided additional utility within the Project Godjira ecosystem.

Godjira Gen 2 NFTs have the ability to generate utility tokens within the Godjira ecosystem and provide deflationary mechanics by being able to burn specific mixes of Godjira Gen 2's to create Titans, Megas, and Hybrid Godjiras. Titans, Megas, and Hybrids generate four times the amount of a single Gen 2 Godjira, and the different Gen 2 'species' have different pros and cons within the Godjira P2E ecosystem. Additionally, Godjira Gen 2 holders have access to a mini casino with opportunities to win whitelist spots and NFTs.