Project MetaStonez NFTs

Project MetaStonez NFT Overview

Project Information

Project Metastonez is a collection of 10,101 stone giant NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Of the 10,101 NFTs, 1,321 are Genesis Stonez and 8,760 are Origin Stonez.

There are three types of Stonez: the Natural Stonez are earth-type, Infernal Stonez are fire-type, and Precious Stonez are crystal-type.

In Phase 1, 1,221 out of the 1,321 Genesis Stonez were minted.

The remaining 100 Genesis Stonez and all 8,760 Origin Stonez will mint in Phase 2.

Then, a DAO formation and community wallet are scheduled to be rolled out in Phase 3.

Future phases beyond Phase 3 are as of yet unrevealed, but expected to expand the "Stoneverse" and potentially include a game featuring the character NFTs as well as interoperability with partner projects.