Vincent Van Dough Introduces Notable Pepes

Vincent Van Dough Introduces Notable Pepes
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Vincent Van Dough (VVD) introduced Notable Pepes today, a "Memes by 6529"-like art ecosystem that will be filled with Pepe-inspired art over the coming months.

❗Why It Matters

After VVD announced there would be no burn mechanism for his Checks -- Pepe Edition collection yesterday, collectors began to speculate how the open edition NFTs may be leveraged in the future. Today, VVD clarified his plans for the 200,000+ piece open edition collection with the introduction of Notable Pepes.

🔍 The Deets

  • Each Checks -- Pepe Edition NFT will serve as an "access pass" in upcoming Notable Pepe drops.
  • Access passes will be used as raffle tickets, with winners being added to an allowlist before each drop.
  • VVD notes that each series will contain 50 cards, with Pepe Checks serving as the first card in Series 1.
  • VVD has assembled "a group of respected stewards of Pepe" to participate in Series 1. In the future, a submission portal will be opened for aspiring contributors.

🔜 What's Next?

  • The second card in the series will be called "Pepe Cheques," and it will drop next Sunday.
  • Pepe Cheques will be made available to "any artist who has ever minted a Rare Pepe, or Fake Rare," or by burning a FAKEASF NFT.
  • To have art entered into the Notable Pepe directory, an artist will be required to burn a Pepe Cheque.
  • Regularly scheduled drops will begin two weeks from today. Series 1 cards will cost 0.069 ETH to mint, and each card will have a supply between 100-1,000.

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