Grails by PROOF Collective NFTs

Grails by PROOF Collective NFT Overview

Project Information

GRAILS is a collection of 20 unique pieces of NFT art released by PROOF Collective NFT. The PROOF Collective is a 1,000 member private group of NFT collectors. In addition to minting a GRAIL, Proof Collective NFT holders have access to a private Discord, early access to PROOF podcasts, in-person events, and additional collaborations. 

PROOF Collective NFT holders are able to mint a GRAILS NFT for each PROOF Collective NFT they own. GRAILS consists of 20 different pieces of art created by 20 different artists. During the minting window, all artists' identities are hidden from each NFT. Once the mint window closes, PROOF Collective will host a live stream event to reveal the artist for each piece of art in the GRAILS collection.