Grails by PROOF: Season II Mints More Than 1,000 New NFTs

Grails by PROOF: Season II Mints More Than 1,000 New NFTs
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Grails by PROOF, an NFT collection featuring artworks by top digital artists curated by Kevin Rose's PROOF Collective, finalized its Season II mint and sold more than 1,000 total NFTs.

Season II, which was available for PROOF Collective NFT and nested Grail Moonbird holders, minted 1,178 NFTs and currently has a 4.89 ETH floor price.

The artwork names and accompanying artists have not yet been released. Of the 25 total Grail artworks, "Grail #22" was minted most often at 136 total mints.

The artists will be revealed on Thursday, Aug. 25 at 1 p.m. ET via a video presentation, according to PROOF's official Twitter account. 

Season I minted 1,036 NFTs and currently has a 1.25 ETH floor price.

The artists included Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), Lucréce, Alexis Ohanian, Kiszkiloski, Nicolas Sassoon, yosnier, What Is Real?, Marlo, Rachel Ryle, grelysian, Larva Labs, Sarah Zucker, Hackatao, Mike Shinoda, IX Shells, Claire Silver, Tim Ferriss, Dmitri Cherniak, Tyler Hobbs, and Gremplin. IX Shells' Ixian No-Ships was minted most often at 117 total mints.

The full Season I event is available to watch on YouTube here.

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