PROOF Curated Unveils "Evolving Pixels"

PROOF Curated Unveils "Evolving Pixels"
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PROOF Curated unveils its "Evolving Pixels" NFT exhibition, featuring 10 exceptional generative and AI artists on April 12.

The Deets

  • Exhibition showcases generative and AI art focused on growth
  • Art all curated by aritst Emily Xie
  • Total supply of 858 NFTs
  • Art Blocks Engine and Venus Over Manhattan collaboration
  • Live exhibition in NYC from April 12-24
  • Minting schedule with public access on April 14

Why It Matters

This initiative demonstrates a first step in PROOF's commitment to art. The pioneering NFT exhibition "Evolving Pixels" showcases the artistic possibilities of blockchain technology and computational art, offering a stage for generative and AI artists to exhibit their creations, whilst allowing PROOF NFT holders to discover and collect from the industry's best. 

The Details

"Evolving Pixels," an NFT exhibition presented by PROOF Curated, explores growth through computational art. Ten talented digital artists working with generative or AI-assisted technologies create artworks with varied interpretations of growth, from botanical to personal and creative aspects.

The exhibition's total supply features 858 NFTs, minted with a price of 0.2 ETH for PROOF Collective Pass and Moonbirds NFT Holders and 0.25 for the public (if supply allows). 

Collaborating with Art Blocks and Venus Over Manhattan, PROOF brings "Evolving Pixels" to life. Art Blocks Engine powers the long-form generative collections, while Venus Over Manhattan displays the exhibition at their SoHo gallery in New York City from April 12 to April 24.

🎬 Take Action

Minting starts on April 12 at noon ET for PROOF Pass holders, April 13 at noon ET for Moonbirds, and April 14 at noon ET for the public (if supply remains).

Moonbirds holders can earn an allowlist spot in the following PREMINT.


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