PROOF & Beeple IRL Event Raffle Results Unveiled

PROOF & Beeple IRL Event Raffle Results Unveiled
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PROOF announced the raffle winners for its upcoming IRL event which hosts a live Beeple Everydays creation, with special accommodations for waitlisted and at-home attendees. 

Why It Matters

Despite being met with negative sentiment at the cancelation of PROOF of Conference, the PROOF ecosystem still held plenty of demand for its Beeple event, one of four events the brand will host during NFT NYC next week. Despite some turnover in holder base, and declining floor prices, the company still has connections to some of the most notable artists in the space, a major advantage for a PROOF community that is now all in on art. 

The Details

In an effort to include as many attendees as possible, PROOF has also introduced a waitlist ticket system. Those on the waitlist will have a separate line at the event and are encouraged to arrive early for a chance to gain entry.

All lucky winners and waitlisters must set up Tokenproof to redeem their tickets, ensuring a seamless process for entry into the exclusive event.

For those who cannot attend in person, a private token-gated live stream has been arranged, accessible to the entire PROOF Collective, @moonbirds, and @oddities_xyz communities.

🎬 Take Action

If you are a raffle winner or waitlisted, ensure that you set up tokenproof to redeem your ticket. Check the list of winners here.

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