Re-Shuffle Coming for Diamond Exhibition

Re-Shuffle Coming for Diamond Exhibition
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Moonbirds will create a new smart contract to allow Day One Diamond Exhibition art holders to shuffle any duplicated results. 

🧐 Wait, What? 

Yesterday the claim opened for members holding a Day One pass for the Diamond Exhbition claim. And while many received their work without issue, lots of holders with multiple passes ended up receiving multiples of the same art work, instead of art from multiple artists according to their preferences. Find a more detailed thread about the issue here

The Deets

  • Smart contract for art deposit and exchange
  • Additional rare art and Moonbirds + Oddities added to pool
  • Diamond Exhibition mint reopening post-reshuffle

The Details

Due to concerns regarding the Day One Diamond Exhibition experience, PROOF is quickly acting to rectify an issue. A new smart contract will be introduced, allowing users to deposit their Diamond Exhibition art and receive a new piece from the collection.

PROOF will also add in Moonbirds and Oddities to the exchange as a bonus. The Diamond Exhibition mint will reopen for Mint Pass holders and new Diamond Nested birds once the reshuffling process is complete. Those interested in participating in the Reshuffle are advised to wait for further updates.

❗️Why It Matters

It's unfortunate that such a major event ended with a notable issue, one large enough to pause the entire Diamond Exhibition mint. Despite making small strides in recent months to regain momentum as part of its art focus, PROOF takes a few steps back on the failed execution for Day One nesters. Nevertheless, the team did speak up quickly and is rectifying the issue...a small victory. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

We're going to work tirelessly to make things right. To honor those of you who have been here. To honor our incredible creative contributors whose work deserves all of the headlines and attention. To honor those community members who have been here and who continue to show up everyday. I'm sorry to anyone who had to deal with that overshadowing what should have been an absolute banger for all involved. We're going to make this right.Justin Mezzell

📊 By the Numbers

Moonbirds fell on the event, down nearly 11 percent in the last 24 hours to 2.38 ETH. 

🎬Take Action

If you're interested in participating in the Reshuffle, keep an eye out for updates and instructions on how to deposit your Diamond Exhibition art for exchange.


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