PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference

PROOF announced ticketing details for its upcoming PROOF of Conference on its Twitter account on Monday. 

Why It Matters

PROOF aims to strengthen its community collections, bringing together holders via IRL events. The project recently completed a well-attended European roadshow, and now aims to create a significant annual web3 event, similar to NFT NYC or VeeCon. 

The Deets

PROOF ecosystem NFT holders are eligible for the following: 

  • PROOF Collective Pass holders: can claim one free ticket, purchase one ticket for 50 percent off starting on Jan. 30. 
  • Moonbirds holders: can purchase two tickets for 50 percent discount, starting on Jan. 31.
  • Moonbirds Oddities holders: can purchase one ticket for 50 percent off, starting on Feb. 1. 
  • General public: tickets available for purchase on Feb. 2. 

The conference will take place at Skylight ROW in downtown Los Angeles, California from May 11-13. All tickets will be sold in ETH, with exact prices to be announced. 

Tickets will be tradeable on the secondary market. 

🔜 What's Next 

Based on their eligibility, users will be able to purchase their PROOF of Conference tickets at

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PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference
20 Wallets Airdropped Grails III Mint Passes
Logan Hitchcock

Season III Grails Mint Passes have been distributed to 20 Moonbirds holders, according to a tweet from PROOF

How It Happened: The 20 passes have been distributed in two groups of 10 passes, one group which was randomly airdropped to nested Moonbirds with the "Grail" trait, and the other half airdropped at random to other nested Moonbirds NFT holders. 

Why It Matters: The first 20 Grails III Mint Passes have now hit the secondary market, starting the price discovery phase for the right to mint one of 20 Grail NFTs from PROOF. At the time of writing, the floor is 2 ETH on OpenSea with a pair of passes trading for 2.3 WETH. View the collection here

Action Items: Are you a Moonbirds holder? To check and see if you've earned a Grails III Mint Pass, head to your collector profile on

What's Next: The remaining Grails III Mint Passes will be provided to PROOF Collective Pass holders. Mint passes can then be utilized starting on Jan. 17 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

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20 Wallets Airdropped Grails III Mint Passes
DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStars List, Collabs with Moonbirds
Bill Monighetti

DraftKings announced big news heading into the NFL playoffs for its Reignmakers product this morning. The list of SuperStar players has been updated for the second time this season, and the team announced a collaboration with PROOF's Moonbirds PFP project.

❗ Why it Matters: Reignmakers players will need to adjust to the strategic ramifications that will result from DraftKings' updated SuperStar criteria.

🧠 Need to Know:

  • DraftKings has made the following changes to its SuperStar criteria heading into the NFL playoffs: 1.) A maximum of three players per conference can be designated as SuperStars. 2.) No more than three SuperStars can be from a single conference. 
  • The six SuperStars heading into the playoffs are Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, Austin Ekeler and Christian McCaffrey.
  • A Reignmakers Football x Moonbirds Playoff Side Set will be released in the coming days. This side set will feature six players with 25 RARE Moonbirds-themed editions.
  • Auctions for the Moonbirds side set will begin tomorrow with starting bids at $1 and bid increments of $5.
  • The list of six players whose cards will be up for auction includes Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Tony Pollard, A.J. Brown and Dak Prescott.
  • Additionally, Moonbirds NFT holders who have nested their Moonbird will be eligible for a special RM Football x Moonbirds RARE Big Game Contest on Sunday, February 12 for the Super Bowl. The winner of this contest will win a collectible of the DraftKings Moonbird featured on the player cards, and the top 150 finishers will split a $5,000 prize pool.
  • Eligibility for the Super Bowl contest will be based on a February 6 snapshot.

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DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStars List, Collabs with Moonbirds
Moonbirds Going Mainstream?
Logan Hitchcock

PROOF Collective has signed with United Talent Agency (UTA) in an effort to grow the Moonbirds brand into a global brand, according to a series of tweets from project founder Kevin Rose. 

Why It Matters: The partnership between PROOF and UTA will ensure a dedicated, experienced team of branding and marketing experts is helping lead and execute partnerships and growth for the Moonbirds brand. 

What Happens Next: The pair are already working on partnerships and collaborations for 2023, though no formal dates or details have been provided. 

Food For Thought: Since moving to the CC0 license, Moonbirds have lost some favor in the NFT market, falling from approximately 20 ETH floor to less than 10 ETH at the time of writing. It is not immediately clear which types of activations or partnerships PROOF will be able to muster with a brand in the public domain. 

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Moonbirds Going Mainstream?
PROOF Unveils Grails III, New Mint Mechanics
Logan Hitchcock

PROOF Collective unveiled the Grails III landing page and mint mechanics on Wednesday afternoon.

The landing page will be the future home of the Grails III mint when it starts at 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Jan. 17. 

The Grails III mint will match Season 2, hiding the artist of each piece until the mint's conclusion, but it will introduce a pair of new mechanics.

In Grails III, select pieces will be labeled as an "edition" or "series." These designations will affect the amount of supply available for that respective Grail, requiring users to make a decision regarding not only which Grail they will mint, but when as well. 

Editions, which are labeled with an hourglass, will provide all minters with the same artwork but only 50 total NFTs will be available. 

Series on the other hand will have a larger supply (150), but random outputs from a collection of works provided by the artist. 

Grails III Mint Passes will be required to mint a piece from Grails III. Each will be airdropped to holders of the PROOF Collective Pass, and another 10 will be airdropped to raffle winners that hold a nested Moonbird with the "Grail" trait. 

At the time of writing, only Grail #6 - an edition - is showcased on the Grails III page. 

Check out the work from Grails II in our reveal recap



PROOF Unveils Grails III, New Mint Mechanics
Moonbirds Launch Custom Backgrounds With XCOPY Collab
Tyler Warner

Moonbirds have officially launched Moonbirds Backgrounds, announced this afternoon on Twitter and in the PROOF discord.

There are two kinds of backgrounds available for in-chain Moonbirds, an "X" background for holders of XCOPY's "Max Pain" NFT and a "Starlight" background available for everyone. The X background was designed by XCOPY, and Moonirds artist Justin Mezzell created the Starlight background.

To activate the background, Moonbirds holders are instructed to log in to their collector profiles at, select a Moonbird, and see which backgrounds are available. Moonbirds must be nested and in-chain to see and use the backgrounds, and collectors will need to have their profiles set up (check here for a how-to guide on that setup).

Only holders of the Max Pain NFT are eligible for the X background, and if an owner sells or moves the NFT, their background will disappear. 

Founder Kevin Rose is already repping his X background on his flames Moonbird on Twitter, while early community reactions are mixed. Some members are ecstatic and applaud the project innovating with custom backgrounds from top artists. Others are disappointed that Max Pain holders are receiving extra benefits that all Moonbirds holders are not receiving.

Reactions aside, this seems to be just the first step in where Kevin, Justin, and the Moonbirds team intend to go as they leverage technology to innovate within the PFP project. The team is hinting at additional customizations coming in the future as a part of this launch, with potential customizations revolving around NFTs held in one's wallet, milestones (like duration of holding a Moonbird), and more.

Have feedback on the backgrounds or more to add to this story? Contact Tyler at

Moonbirds Launch Custom Backgrounds With XCOPY Collab
Moonbirds Tease Cryptic XCOPY Message
Tyler Warner

The Moonbirds team released a cryptic nine-second trailer yesterday evening, featuring what appears to be XCOPY's logo. The tweet came with the tagline "Set phasers to max," and the trailer ended with the date 12.15.22.

While the trailer does not explicitly call out XCOPY, community members put it together pretty quickly.

This mysterious message sent the Moonbird discord into a frenzy as holders theorized about what could be coming. Some top theories mentioned included:

  • An XCOPY edition airdrop to all holders
  • An XCOPY drop for Glitch bird holders
  • XCOPY coming on the PROOF Collective podcast
  • XCOPY PFP backgrounds

There was some doubt that it will be as simple as a 10,000 edition airdrop to all holders, especially with XCOPY set to drop a Noble Card and a Memes by 6529 meme card this week. And regarding the podcast theory, that would be more of a PROOF announcement vs Moonbirds, so that is likely out as well. The backgrounds theory is interesting, as PROOF just debuted special Moonirds backgrounds for PROOF pass holders, and this would be a way to include all Moonbirds holders. No one has seemingly put together the "phasers" aspect of the message just yet.

Regardless of what the outcome is, community members praised the Moonbirds founders for the move. Moonbirds holder armilius commented on the announcement, stating "speculation aside, I love the way they announced this. building suspense and hype, revealing something without giving away too much. more bullish on this new marketing approach compared to earlier project days for sure, good signs for 2023."

This led co-founder Justin Mezzell to respond by confirming that the team has indeed put a larger focus on this announcement style. "We're making a conscientious effort to do more of this," Justin said in a discord message responding to armilius. "Thank you for noticing!"

The Moonbirds floor moved about 5 percent on the news on 569 ETH daily volume, now holding at 8.4 ETH on Blur.

Moonbirds Tease Cryptic XCOPY Message


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