Space Helmet Moonbirds Headed to Lunaprise Museum

Space Helmet Moonbirds Headed to Lunaprise Museum
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Moonbirds with the "Space Helmet" trait are destined for a spot in the Lunaprise Museum on November 15. 

The Deets

  • Lunaprise Museum: A repository for iconic art, culture, and history on the moon.
  • Space Helmet Trait: Unique to Moonbirds, this trait guarantees the NFT a place in the Lunaprise Museum.
  • Preservation: Artifacts, including the Moonbirds, will be preserved on indestructible nickel plates.
  • VIP Event: A black-tie gathering at the Kennedy Space Center, exclusive access for Space Helmet trait holders.

The Bulk

The Moonbirds with the "Space Helmet" trait will make history by joining the Lunaprise Museum on the moon. This initiative is part of a collaboration with Space Blue and is set to launch on November 15.

The Lunaprise Museum is not just another exhibition space—it aims to be a vault of iconic art, culture, and history, specifically situated on the moon. Moonbirds will share this lunar space with works from 222 other esteemed artists.

What makes the Space Helmet Moonbirds so unique? They're the only generative Profile Picture (PFP) NFT collection to be featured in the Lunaprise Museum. These NFTs will be preserved on nickel plates, ensuring their permanence alongside other digital art artifacts.

Lastly, Moonbird holders with the Space Helmet trait are invited to a VIP black-tie event at the Kennedy Space Center to celebrate this historic space mission.

The time capsule will be sent in one of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rockets. 

🎤Community Quotes

It took us a year+ since we first mentioned this idea, but Space Helmet Moonbirds are literally going to the moon 🌕 🚀🚀Kevin Rose

🎬 Take Action

If you own a Moonbird with a Space Helmet trait, don't miss your chance to participate in both the VIP event and make your mark in the Lunaprise Museum. Check out the Discord channel for more info.

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